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 Augustk, 2019


Good day from White Harvest Ministries!


It has been a while since Linda and I have sent out any type newsletter. Time seems to get by so fast. I trust this finds you and yours well.  Linda just had two stents placed in a previous heart bypass vein a few weeks ago.  Thank God we are both doing well these days as we get older and face a few health challenges.. Things may slow from time to time but never a time to quit. We are pressing on to His coming. God is more than Good, Great or Faithful. He is all and more.  Praise him for his favor and love.


We are looking forward to the last half of 2019.  Trips are planned to the northeast states with other services coming together to complete the schedule.


We are very excited to announce our fifth trip to Northern Ireland in November.  God has been faithful the previous four trips to meet all needs of expenses and we are believing the same for this upcoming trip as well. 

Even though this is not a third world bush type missionary trip, we certainly consider this missions for WHM.


This mission trip, services will be held in existing churches in Ireland, along with some previously visited.  We want to see the lost saved and the church encouraged by music and ministry.  Their economy is much different than ours in the much blessed USA.  They do their best in offerings, but with high taxation and some smaller congregations they are unable to cover the entire expenses.  Their fuel and food are about 2-4 times more expensive than here at home.

Air fare $1500 -  hotels and food expense $1000 - the need is $2500 above the normal USA budget.  We know God will provide for this trip as before.  We are asking your prayers for this trip.  He always speaks to the right people at the right time.


Thank you to everyone who have been a part of the last four trips, plus your support of the ministry here in the US.  If God speaks to you to help with this upcoming November trip, your support is greatly appreciated and can be forwarded as follows:


          White Harvest Ministries, P O Box 213, Rockmart GA  30153

 - has a donation link



Thank you for making this a matter of prayer and we know God will move in this situation and it will be complete….. To God Be the Glory!          


Charlie  &  Linda Beatenbo